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Agust Borzoi started one day many, many years ago, when I was 11. My sister enrolled in a local 4-H dog club with our family pet. On a fateful day of dog training, the club leader had a visitor over, and in the back of the visitor’s van were two amazing, magnificent dogs. I was awe struck, and started dreaming that maybe someday I could have such an aristocratic beauty in my life.After years on the road and some college, I returned home to care for ailing parents. It was during this time I started looking into requirements for adopting a greyhound, not having a clue as to where to find a borzoi. I had just finished fencing 3 acres when circumstance changed the direction on my life. A coyote in the neighborhood was killing cats. At least 17 cats, one of which was mine. That fateful day, a co-worker, who knew of my love of borzoi and was looking to comfort me on the loss of my kitten, found and add in the newspaper “4 yr old Borzoi Available”.

The day Thor entered my life, and every day since, I have felt bless, by having borzoi in my life.