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Sonoma’s Long May You Run At Agust

Borzoi, Female, Whelped Jan 4, 2018

Date Of Departure: 2023



Bred By Loretta Binder-Wheeler, and David Robinson

PSBC 2018, 2 Best Puppy in Sweeps, and 2 Best Puppy in Specialty

I really wasn’t looking for another puppy just yet; but, occasionally life has different plans.  When personalities mesh in just the right way, it leaves no doubt where this little girl is supposed to be.  All she wants to do is play, and be loved.  She’s already been introduced to obedience, chasing a lure, and she walked into the show ring for the first time as if she owned the place.

Co-owner and the person responsible for this wild child coming to live here, Loretta.