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Am IABCA Ch Kansai’Z Calling All Angels, SC, BN, CD

Borzoi, Female, Whelped Oct 12, 2004

Date of Arrival: October 12th, 2004
Date Of Departure: September 29th, 2015




She came to me at a time when I needed her most. All the way from across the country, she was calling to me when my soul was reeling from the loss of Orion. She was also a great comfort when Thor passed away.

Izzy’s name wont be in any “Heart Dog Hall Of Fame”, nor will she be in any record books for her antics, but she truly was one of the special ones.

She never met a stranger; her love for the world and everything in it was undeniable. She did everything with a smile.  She leaves many friends missing her gentle nature, soft fluff, insistent licking, and gently wagging tail.

She left this earth from the results of doing what she’d always done; watching out for her family. The dog run has a lot of volunteer fruit trees, and with a heavy crop, the deer had been hopping over the fence. On a fateful night, a cougar followed the deer. My poor sweet girl couldn’t move like she used to. I looked as if, in a defensive attempt to get away, the cougar slapped at her, catching her from chest to mid rib-cage, and nearly taking off her left arm. After about a week, the outside wounds were healing, but the trauma to her system was just too much.

Though not a mamma herself, she loved the babies, and helped raise every litter born here. The next litter will be the first without her babysitting, and help raising them. She was such an amazing nanny, as well as a wonderful all-around special girl. She was a bit of heaven on earth.